New videos and image

Two videos of the new and improved RaSPy can be found below.

WARNING: raspy3 is 11MB and raspy2 is 4MB - it's either large files and less grainy or those really grainy files... sorry.

I think I may have discovered a problem... everytime I run the program, the first 3-4 times it sometimes seems to pick the same item (not always paper like in this video). After about 3-4 games, it seems to settle down into random behavior. I'll be playing with it some more to determine if this is always the case. It may very well be that, given only 3 choices, that paper really did come up 5 times in a row. Since each item has an equal chance of being picked, it's not completely unheard of... but testing will occur. This doesn't happen every time, but it does happen enough to make me curious.

And the 2nd video is a bit grainy... my apologies. What you are looking at is a small text bubble that Brian programmed to display on the screen... when you hear the audio count, text appears in the bubble 1...2...3... and resets when I press the touch sensor again.

And here's a new image. This is a perfect example of building a "nice looking" bot without actually testing all the functionality. Look at the earlier images and you'll notice I put the touch sensor DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the USB interface... easy fix... just move it back, but it goes to show that once you begin to actually test it, you'll find all sorts of things that look good but don't function well.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the videos... the biggest thing I take away from them is that these motors are loud.

So what would you relate the sound to?
- Electric toothbrush
- Electric razor
- Hair dryer
Anonymous said…
The motors sound EXACTLY like the ones in the Remote control Racer (the red and black one) that came out a few years ago. Really high power and good torque and loud enough to scare the cats. Given they look about the same it wouldn't surprise me.

This random seed thing has me curious now, so I'm anxiously awaiting to see what Brian comes up with for both 'how to test' and the actual results.

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