NXT jousting: a version of the lance with 15 holed head

As requested, here's a version of the lance with a 15 holed head and more stable connectors for comparison.
Personally, I think the 13 holed head version below more well-balanced - but that's just my subjective opinion.



Anonymous said…

Is the 7m beam only in white, as opposed to the 5m beam being dark grey? I think the contrasting colors have a 'slimming' effect on the visuals, but overall they look very similar.

I can't tell which part of the 7m has 4 and which part has 3, but I'd put the 4 towards the 'handgrip' and the 3 towards the business end.

Also ('cause now I wanna build one of these with parts I have around already), can you get do a closeup/reverse angle of the handgrip? I can't make out the medium grey pieces. :)

What would interest me most is what is the 'balance point' of both designs, which is why I'm going to have to build them tonight. :)
I like your original version... it doesn't look so 'bulky' in the middle and the contrast of colors looked nicer... I know aesthetics might have to be ignored elsewhere, but with the lance, I think the earlier one looks better... IMO.

How about next we design some versions of riders, Matthias? And let's limit it to the NXT retail kit parts, no extras. I'll try and have a few ideas with images up before tomorrow.

Unknown said…

I've uploaded a view from behind (Dear me, now we encounter some of the advantages of having an abstract (LDraw) model, don't we? A little L-MDD (LEGO Model Driven Development), in a manner of speaking).

The balance point for the original version is located rather exactly in the center of the lance's hand guard; for the longer version, it's shifted to its front border.

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