RaSPy: LDraw file and building instructions


I'm pleased to conclude the weekend with finally adding RaSPy's LDraw file (6.6 k) and the building instructions (1.1 mb) to The NXT STEP.

Some notes:
  1. The LDraw file relies on new NXT related LDraw files that do not come with the standard LDraw distribution. They have been created by some MDP members and made available in the MDP only so far. There has been the understandable desire by readers of this blog to publish them - however, as LDraw's publishing policy is pretty taut, this is subject to discussion still and I'm presently not in the position to provide them outside of the MDP (sorry for the inconvenience - it is to be hoped that this will change soon).
  2. The images in the building instructions have been created with the according MLCAD utility. The web pages contained are the result of a small generator I've written this evening to this end (I presume there alreadyexist according tools in the web, yet I didn't fancy searching...).
Feedback is welcome.

Matthias Paul


I downloaded the zipped instructions and extracted them over to a file... double-click INDEX.htm and it runs great...


Excellent work... thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm sure LEGO is gonna love it.

Unknown said…

I'm glad you like it. :-)
Thanks for pointing out the hint about the index.html being the entry point - having been a software engineer for some years now, I tend to take things for granted that in fact aren't obvious at all.

Matthias Paul

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