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Well, it appears you have to pay Blogger (to upgrade to Blogger Pro) to gain RSS... so Blogger recommended a feature called Feedburner which is supposed to provide the blog via RSS feed...

Here's the RSS feed URL:

If anyone uses this, please let me know if it works or not... thanks.



Anonymous said…
fyi I found the content in "My Yahoo" when searching for " The NXT STEP - Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog"

joesparano said…
I'm getting the feed at this address: - it's been working perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jim!

I am Markus Quär from Germany and I have a new Lego Mindstorms NXT Blog. Would you please include my blog-adress in your list of links? My blog-adress is :
Thank you very much.
Hi, Markus.

It's on there now... good luck with your blog.

Andrew B. said…
The feed that joesparano mentions is your blog's "native" Atom feed, but your RSS feed via Feedburner is also working correctly, as david levy indicates.

If you're into this sort of thing, I highly recommend Ben Hammersley's Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom from O'Reilly -- a technical book that's both useful and interesting.

And Markus, I've added your blog to my own list of blogs. :-)
Markus said…
Hi Dunechaser!

Thank you,that you had add my blog to your list!I will add your blog to my Links,too!

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