Smaller video files from Philo

I'd like to thank Philo for taking our RaSPy videos and compressing them... here are the links:
(compressed using Divx5 for video at 300 kbits/s, MP3 for sound. 1.4MB)
(compressed using Divx5 for video at 500 kbits/s. 2.2MB)
(Also at 500 kbits/s but cropped to the useful part. )

Thank you, Philo.



Anonymous said…
These don't paly on my windows media player. Is there something I need to upgrade?

great blog! any way to get an RSS
Hi, David.

I'm not sure... they're AVI files and they play fine on my Media Player (version

Under the HELP menu in Media Player, choose "Check for Player Updates".

The site feed is:

Does anyone know if Blogger offers RSS feeds and how to configure? I played around in the control panel and don't see it.

Anonymous said…
If they are DivX compressed, you'll need the DivX codec. You can get it at:

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