Some new images

Martijn provided me with a link to some new images... hoping to get some English translations for the pictures soon.



Anonymous said…
The story where it begins with is about the European FLL championship. Which was on 5,6,7th of may 2006.

Martyn was there and did a photoshoot.
First photo are some ppl involved with the NXT MUP/MDP.

2nd Photo is Martyn with a Photo scanning robot called COCO5.
It appaers to take photo's with a bluetooth phone. (that's what i'm seeing)

3th photo is Soren demonstrating the Alpha Rex.

4th Photo are Soren and Gerrit trying to get Martyn and Gerrit's Pinball machine into TILT mode.

5th Photo Soren seems to have fun doing that.

6th photo is the Dutch FLL robot for 2006 mission.

I hope you have enough info so.
Greetings Daniel
Brickbash Robotics

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