Special BOT issue of MAKE magazine - LEGO coverage

Volume 6 of MAKE magazine is out... much of the content focuses on robotics, with a really nice article from Michael Rosenblatt that includes tips/tricks for advanced LEGO designs.


Mike said…
I checked out the Make Magazine website (http://http://www.makezine.com/magazine/) and find the $14 US per issue fee a bit much. Can someone give a few more details to what the article covers? Is it worth picking up?
It's a quarterly magazine and if you subscribe it's about $8 per issue... but for me, I read it front-to-back many times over.

This issue has probably about 5 or 6 different bot projects to build that are extremely inexpensive and "easy to build" - I haven't done any of them yet, but I plan on it soon.


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