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Post # 300

Programmers of the NXT World...

My Portal has changed...

Repeat of... more RoboCam footage, and flying spheres...

Welcome, Eric, to the wonderful world of NXT journalism!

Some videos of the RoboCenter challenges

NXT Problems? Post Problems and Solutions/Suggestions


Submit your pictures and programs

It's done: my first NXT program with the Robotics Studio

NXT versions

Thing's I'd like to see...

First confirmation of shipping

Microsoft and LEGO partnership

Bracing for Launch

Amazon "Shipping Soon"

NXT Robo-One?

Behind-the-Scenes: MDP forum

What the heck do you call that?!?

Spend some time here...

Things are quiet...

Microsoft and NXT part 2

Microsoft and NXT (?)

Thoughts on Complex Programs...

Brian's MDP Profile

Great Ball Contraption: A call for a Central Europe Group

Reader catches a possible hint of things to come

Crazy program

Unofficial NXT parts for LDraw available

FLL Competition Table Building Plans


The End of the Road...

NXT Book on Amazon

C programming environment announced for NXT

NXT/Great Ball Contraption video

HiTechnic has some new images

Back in the office...

Studless Part III: Offsetting the Mindset...

Studless Part II: Hybrid templates...

Full-up Studlessness, Part I

Meet The MDP's

More video from House of Bricks

An Array of Solutions article

RaSPy final: Updated building instructions