Amazon "Shipping Soon"

Reader Greg informed me that his Amazon/Toys'R'Us order status has changed to "Shipping Soon" - with a One-Day shipping estimate of June 26.

This would be a great time to invite all of you to submit photos of your newly arrived kits - send photos and a small description of your initial thoughts/comments. With your permission, I'll post them on the blog.

I'm glad the wait is almost over for all of you...



naozo said…
At, the status is still "expected to ship on July 25, 2006"....
Anonymous said…
Jim -
received email TODAY:
"Greetings from we shipped item from Toys"R"Us (Sold by, LLC):
1 Lego Building Set - Make and Create Mindstorms NXT (8527) $249.99
Item shipped on June 23, 2006:
Delivery estimate: June 27 - 28, 2006"
Anonymous said…
Lego Shop-at-Home continues to say pre-ordered NXT kits will ship by 01 July 2006. Order status of personal Shop-at-Home NXT order says "estimated ship date 01 July 2006".

Amazon no longer allows pre-ordering. In fact the Amazon site says "no longer available" - probably meaning that orders have exceeded guaranteed initial product allotments to Amazon/ToysRUs.

It will be interesting to see how the next two weeks plays out. I suspect that the majority of those who pre-ordered will get their kits by mid July. Those who place their orders now or later will probably have to wait until end of August, as the first manufacturing runs appear to be sold out. Let's hope most production problems were fixed before the first manufacturing run - (unlike certain laptop computer models which I will not name, but made a big splash in Februrary 2006).
Anonymous said…
"I'm glad the wait is almost over for all of you..."

Not all of us. many of the Mindstormer's I know have their hart set on the Edu version, as do I. But now I have second thoughts thanks to the "NXT-G" tutorial that you posted. Your complecating my life:-)
Unknown said…
"The wait is almost over for all of you"?
In Europe, the NXT kit will no be available before August, as far as I know. Shame on it.
World is not just the States. ;-)
Anonymous said…
"But now I have second thoughts thanks to the "NXT-G" tutorial that you posted. Your complecating my life:-)"

Can you explain what you mean. I thought the Retail and Education use the same NXT-G software, so I dont see the problem ? Or do you mean with the Education version you have to buy the software as extra option ?

I'm from the netherlands and I can order the Education at august will the retail will not be available until 17 oktober. Why should I buy the Educational one or why should I wait for the Ratail ?

Anonymous said…
Wal-mart claims the ship date is 07/07/06. But the Discovery Channel store claims the item is in stock.

Last night I received my notice that my pre-order of mindstroms NXT has SHIPPED! However, there was no tracking number, so I have no way to know when it will arrive.
Anonymous said…
Today mine arrived, after a long weekend of tracking it from PA to MA.

Unfortunately, my son had a Little League event tonight so I had to wait in order to investigate the box's contents.

It shall be a late night!


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