Well, I'm back from out there finally, too.

As you might deduce from the image, the NXT brick works also in the Russian Antarctican Research Station on -40 °F ;-)

Now it's time for updating my NXT web site (which is, by the way, accessible through a very shorter URL now:

Matthias Paul

ps I also had an NXT visitation there:


-40 degrees?????

Anything less than 60 degrees F causes me to go into uncontrollable shakes... raised in the southern USA, my blood is EXTREMELY thin - my week away was spent camping with the highs around 102 degree F, which I will take any day over cold weather.

Glad to have you back...

Unknown said…
Well..actually maybe not -40 °F, but at least it has been pretty cold...

But dear me, 120 °F! That would send me into the deepest cool cave to be found around (Autumn sun, won't you come?).

No matter how the weather might be, I'm looking forward to phase II of the NXT history now.

Brian Davis said…
I'm with you on the cold, Matthias - while I can always add a layer, in hot climates there's a limit to how much I can take off!

I wonder if someone can make a NXT skiier... :-)

Brian Davis
Unknown said…
A skiier? Hm..I remember that in Ferrari's famous RCX book, the same question has been raised in the end ;-)

But it's a great idea indeed for next winter's challenge (though I personally would focus on a snowboarding one).

/Matthias Paul

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