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Brian's MDP profile is up... check out some of the cool bots he's designed. I love the HORUS... using a motor as steering control is a great idea and I'm going to "borrow" this idea for a bot idea...

View his profile here.


Unknown said…
Most interesting to read.

I wonder how DAZLR's firing mechanism is done - it's not easy to attain a reasonable muzzle velocity just with mechanical means.
Brian, do you think you could delve into some details here? By the way, what's the firing range?

Jim, you're right in falling for Horus and it's motorized steering mechanism.
By the way, do you remember Steve's line following challenge winning bot? I seem to recall he followed a similar strategy there.

When collecting ideas for an according robot, the Silberpfeil car may be perhaps of interest for your also.

As to my experience, torque redirection and the housing of the front chassis in a reasonable space can be challenging when using this kind of design.

Matthias Paul
Unknown said…
By the way, Brian, do you have some videos of JennToo, DAZLR or Horus in action?
Brian Davis said…
I do have video of them, but I need to wait and see what may go up on the LEGO site - they asked to host some video of it, and I supplied them with a bunch on DAZLR and I think at least a little on JennToo, but I'll see what I have clogging up the hard drive here.

As to the firing mechanism, it uses the Zamor sphere shooters from the Piraka sets: the balls set in a cup between three fingers, and are pushed from behind by an axle. When the ball is pushed far enough forward, it "springs" out of the launcher fingers, launced forward by the fingers squeezing the rounded rear of the Zamor sphere. Yes, I'll try to have a more detailed post on this later :-).

Brian Davis

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