Come on, LEGO Education!

I hate to be the bad guy here and bring this up, but the LEGO Education NXT blog hasn't had a new post since May 26... over a month with no updates.

Is anyone out there? HELLO?????

...Hello... (echo)


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I was also wondering if LEGO has officially acknowledged the clicking issues many folks seem to be reporting. I keep pinging the official site without much luck.
Dick Swan said…
Two minor additions to the procedure posted by Jim Kelly.

The reset button (the one activated by the paperclip) is only effective when the NXT is actually powered up. So the first step is to push the orange ENTER button to "power on" the NXT into its corrupted state.

There may be enough residual power in capacitors and such that will keep acorrupted NXT powered if batteries are only removed for a few seconds. A more failsafe method is to remove the batteries, hold the ENTER key down for a few seconds (which will cause more of a power drain than idle condition) and then re-insert batteries.
Brian Davis said…
Thanks Dick - at some point I'd love to have a "this is our best guess" document, and these are two points I *didn't* address (but will in the next revision.

Brian Davis
Dick Swan said…
If you're stuck with the "dead NXT, can't load firmware despite everything" then I have one last suggestion for the not so faint at heart.

See which will tell you how to use the ATMEL developed boot loader with the NXT.
Unknown said…
I have just begun working with my NXT bots for this year and am excited. I have a few that are clicking though. I also have some that wont boot up :(

I tried to update the Firmware to 1.26 using an iMac running 10.5.8. Do you have any suggetions?

Thanks in advance!

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