Great Ball Contraption: A call for a Central Europe Group

Jim's posting of the link to the GBC video gingered me up to address something that has been in my mind for some weeks now: creating my first own NXT-based GBC module.
In my opinion, the Great Ball Contraption is a great idea by Steve Hassenplug, setting up some kind of standardized interface for LEGO® based modules to enable them to interact.
Obviously, the real fun here is to actually meet other GBC makers and physically interconnect ones' modules, pleased watching the whole machinery running smoothlessly.
As not least the video mentioned above shows, there already are GBC groups doing exactly this in North America - yet, I'm not aware of any such ones in Central Europe (apart from some individual efforts, for instance by Philo or Jürgen Stuber - if I'm wrong here, please tell me!).

So (picking up an idea of Jürgen) this is a call for participants in such a Central Europe GBC Group to-be - whoever is interested, please drop a comment to this blog entry (or, if you don't want to expose yourself yet, use the contact section of my NXT pages).

Looking forward to your feedback,
Matthias Paul


Anonymous said…
There is also a GBC activity in ItLUG, as you can see in the program of upcoming LegoFest.

The GBC at LegoWorld 2005 featured modules from FreeLUG and ItLUG members.
Unknown said…
Merci Philo,

for hinting that to me.
Ballabio is not that far from here (yet, first of July isn't neither).

I take it that the French LEGO Users Group is pretty active, isn't it (GBB seems to be the french acronym of GBC)? - I've added a link to a page with nice images to my GBC page (alongside with the GBC LegoWorld 2005 one).

Matthias Paul
Anonymous said…
Some people at BeLUG are also starting to get in the GBC mood - actually what we saw at LegoWorld 2005 left such an imprint on us that we couldn't pass on that (honestly, starting by copying Philo's modules - instructions are quite detailed)

We've only done very local exhibitions so far, and with a few modules only; but we might be willing to participate in a common effort (LegoWorld 2006 certainly)

I'll bring my own modules for Fana'briques in Rosheim (Alsace) beginning of July; unfortunately I've been told I'd be the only one; so indeed it's be nice to start some coordination efforts (FreeLUG being probably in the best position to do so, but that's my opinion).
Unknown said…

As a matter of fact, Rosheim is not far from where I live! So I'm decidedly going to try to attend (and bringing some GBC modules to-be along).

Could you provide me with some advice on how to register? Are you aware of some possibilities of staying overnight (the Tour de France will start near there at the very weekend, so most likely rooms will to be rather hard to attain, won't they?).

Thanks for hinting that to me,
Matthias Paul
Anonymous said…
Here is the annoucement for Fana'Briques 2006 on FreeLUG's site.

I sent you a mail through your contact form with more information.

I hope to see you there!

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