Microsoft and NXT part 2

To add to Matthias' post, I checked out a lot of the links that Microsoft has available for their Robotic Studio software... you can see some images of it here.

(Scroll down and look at the 8th screenshot - does the small white bot look familar?)

Some other links of interest:

Download an early version here.


Unknown said…
> (Scroll down and look at the 8th screenshot - does the small white bot look familar?)

That's true - and it seems quite threatened by the evil-looking Microsoft bully robot goons... ;-)
Anonymous said…
old but relevant
click: resistance is futile
Unknown said…
I've downloaded the Robotics Studio stuff and started (on XP Pro) with the first tutorial (which is for the RCX, by the way - so, not only the NXT appears to be supported, but also the RCX).

The first thing I've encountered: you seem to need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (which I am in position to, but remember: it consumes a lot of resources, including financial ones).

Going to keep you updated about my proceedings here,
Unknown said…
It has been confirmed by Microsoft authorities that Visual Studio 2005 is manadatory for the Robotocs Studio; yet, they say that one may download a free version from
Unknown said…
Next step forward: confirmed yesterday evening that at least the setting up and smoke test with the first tutorial works for Windows XP Home with the said free Version of Visual Studio 2005 for C# (latter is 54 mb download size, requires 400 mb on your hard drive, and you have to register at the latest after 30 days).
Anonymous said…
In the Microsoft video, did you catch the Microsoft Windows logo displayed on the LCD display of the NXT brick? Seems Bill G is getting his wish of Windows displayed on every device containing a microprocessor!

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