More video from House of Bricks

Someone asked for more video from the robots point of view... wish granted!

House of Bricks combat

The first half of the movie is three remote-controled NXT robots fighting it out. Mine is, of course, the one that ends up on its side, and the other visible one is Steve Hassenplugs (with a single small front claw). The third was driven by John Brost, and had the camera mounted right behind its "claws": when he moved the control to raise or lower the claws, they drop down into the camera field of view. Ironicly, later in the day Steve's single claw managed to (accidently) shut off John's NXT by hitting the grey "cancel" button. Who needs weapons, just shut off your opponent!

The second half of the movie shows what inter-continental communication can do. Another member of the MDP came up with the idea of mounting one of the "Zamor launchers" from LEGO onto a NXT robot. When she shared this, some of us took this to an extreme, and by the end of the weekend we had several sphere-throwing robots. So, I demonstrated this on the organizer for the LEGO portion of the event, Joe Meno. The rapid-fire stream of balls was from my launch system, while Steve modified his robot to autonomously look for a close target and fire a single shot before retreating. The match-up between the two of them was pretty funny.

Brian Davis


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