My Portal has changed...

Jonathan wrote: "Hey, I just clicked on "My Portal" (in the NXT-G software), and instead of saying, "This is a temporary page, please check back later, blah blah blah" it said, "software downloads coming soon". Looks pretty interesting..."

Well, I had to verify this - and it has changed! Looks like LEGO is getting ready to offer us some new content using the My Portal tool - I had completely forgotten this was going to be available.

Thanks, Jonathan.



Anonymous said…
Just wondering, but does anybody know (or guess) what is going to be able to download? This is going to be intresting.
Anonymous said…
I think it will be building instructions and the like. If you look on the bottom of your NXT box, there's a couple screenshots of the future NXT website. In one, you can see a tab for "Building Instructions". My guess is that the portal simply takes you there.

BTW, I also found that if you click on Help > Online Support and Help > Online Updates, it no longer comes up with the "Sorry, the page isn't available" but the support comes up with the help for old mindstorms products, and the Updates comes up with a page that says "You have the most recent version of the NXT software". Does this mean we'll be able to download better versions later on? Anyway I'm glad to see they're getting things going...

Anonymous said…
Did you know that lego sells rechargeable battery set for nxt (@ S@H)?
Anonymous said…
Excuse me if this is out of place, but since this is not a forum, I assume this is OK (blogging newbie).

I googled "Lego NXT source code" to see if Lego was releasing source for the NXT and it seems that they are. Does anyone know when that might happen and what language it will be in?

I've ordered my NXT and the supposed ship date is 1 July. I have the RCX and did a little with it, but not a lot, but I hope to get into the NXT more. I program for the ARM on my job and I'm sure a lot of us could come up with some good solutions for firmware problems before Lego releases "official" fixes.
Hi, Dave.

Yes, they made the announcement a while back, and there's a post or 2 (probably back in April/May) about it, but I can't seem to find it right now. I don't have any details on the release date, though, but I'll make some inquiries.

Hi, Kert.

Yes, the recharge system has been a much-anticipated product... it's on the S@H but not available yet... trust me, most people want to get their hands on one :)


No idea what downloads they will offer, but I'm sure it'll be a bunch of things - MyBlocks, WebDownload Blocks, building instructions... whatever it is, it will be welcome stuff...

Anonymous said…
Wow, the retail rechargeable battery kit costs exactly the same as the same parts would from lego education. . . [-2 cents]
I guess Lego didn't want everyone buying from the education website instead of retail.

One thing I hope will be on the "software downloads" for NXT-G is the Legacy Programming Blocks.

But I guess that doesn't matter for me, if I'm gonna be a sissy and wait on the Lego Education kit to come out. . . but just in case I get a retail kit instead. . .

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