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I was emailed recently and asked if I would cover the differences between the Education version and the Retail version. I was also asked to give opinions on which to buy.

This topic has been covered in earlier posts, so I'm going to just provide some links here for those earlier discussions.

As for my opinion - I don't really have one. What I can tell you is what was told to me by Soren Lund:

1. The retail version is intended for those who will not be using the kit in a classroom or with any of the educational programs being developed.

2. Buy the education version if you will be using the kit in a classroom or anticipate purchasing any of the educational programs being developed for it.

Pretty simple. Remember, the Education version does NOT come with RoboCenter - the projects for each version are different. It comes with Robo Educator that has projects that are more in-line with the educational projects a classroom would use.





Anonymous said…
The main difference (as I make up out of the posts) is the 'tutorial' part of the NXT-G software.

However there is more, like rechargable battery, converter cables, storage boxes, 3 lights, and extra sensor which are added to the educational version. It has fewer parts of technics lego and is a bit more expensive (software must be bought extra). I'm not completely sure what the 'educational programs' means. Are this projects for in the classroom like the extra 'Science & Technology Set' or just tutorials in the Software ?

Being from the netherlands I still think I'm gonna pick the Educational one, because it is sooner available to the netherlands then the retail and it got some nice 'extra's'.

Anyone got any other thoughts on it?

PS Jim thanks for posting it and refering to the links, gave me a better inside already.
Anonymous said…
The lamps that are included in the education NXT set appear (from the photos) to be the same old lamps that were used with the RCX system. I don't find much use for those lamps, since they are not bright at all. . . so that "extra" doesn't really appeal to me.

However, the rechargable battery with the AC adapter that is required to charge it IS an IMPORTANT extra that appeals to me. This is probably the main reason that I prefer the education kit over the retail kit.

Just my 2 cents worth. . .

Anonymous said…
Jim - I can't find it, but there's a third important link in this saga. It's the one where LEGO confirmed that in August that they'd be offering a download for LPB support.
You're right, Byron... forgot about that one. I'll see if I can locate it and edit the original link to include.

For those of you who are unaware, there was a statement made by LEGO indicating that legacy block support is an update or add-on feature to be made available...

Anonymous said…
The statement made by Lego concerning the legacy programming blocks can be found under the "support" link at mindstorms.com.

The link to get directly to the statement is this:


Anonymous said…
And... in clickable format:


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