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I never... NEVER... thought this blog would even reach post 100. But here we are... post #300. Thanks to all of you for visiting, contributing, commenting, differing, explaining, fixing, updating, complaining, praising, and just enjoying. The new community is off to a good start and I can't wait until the pool of NXT owners is larger.

As always, send us your pictures and programs/screenshots of your designs and we'll get them up and posted. Also interested in more website links and blogs, so keep your eyes open and let us know if you find something of interest.

Thanks, all.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the tricentential!
Anonymous said…
Good JOB,

Lets make the new forum just as great come on people join the forum and get de Lego NXT forum starting....

Member number 8 of 12

Shoot me an email, please...

jktechwriter @


Anonymous said…
Mindstorms NXT delay for the UK

On Wednesday I received an email from Lego Shop at Home:

Thank you very much for ordering your LEGO products from Shop at Home.

Your 8527 24 MINDSTORMS NXT is on backorder. The demand for this product has been higher than expected and subsequently we will not be able to supply this product as quickly as we intended.

We expect to have the product back in stock no later than 29th of September and you should then receive your order according to your original shipping method.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to thank you for your patience.

I guess with all the publicity the NXT is just too popular in the US!

I was one of the thousands who applied to the MDP, and used the special pre-order code for those not selected. (All the way back at the end of March). I was expecting to receive my NXT around the start of September, as indicated on the web site at the time. So I am disappointed about this delay.

I phoned Lego Shop at Home today, prompted by the website still showing a 15th September ship date for the UK.

The essence of the explanation of the dates seemed to be: the 15th of September is when Lego s@h expect to receive stock, but that it would several days to split their delivery up and despatch it (by the 20th). Thus deliveries should be made by the 29th Sept mentioned in the email.

This explanation seems a little confused, but the man in the call centre was polite and helpful and only has limited information himself.

I also confirmed that the MDP pre-order status is preserved and that these orders will be the first to be despatched.

I hope this information is useful.

Thanks for the information, Tony... I'm sure others are in the same boat as yourself.

I feel for you - I know you're anxious to get your kit. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon for you.

Anonymous said…
I sorta had the same product, but at a much earlier date. The day after I preordered it, I got a email saying that it would be pushed back to July the 1st(tommorow).
Anonymous said…
sorry, instead of "product" I ment "problem"

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