RaSPy final: Updated building instructions

In response to some comments, I've upgraded the building instructions for Jim's RaSPY robot. It now contains images of higher quality and parts lists.



Very cool, Matthias... I like the parts listing and the boxes showing which parts will be used for a specific step.

One question: Is there a way to enlarge each step's image of the RaSPy (in the upper left corner of each step)? In some of them, the pieces are either dark or small and difficult to tell what goes where (but it might be my laptop screen - might want to wait for some more feedback).

Thanks for doing this... it definitely shows what's possible with the NXT parts when it comes to building instructions.
Unknown said…

Indeed, there are many configuration switches in LPUB (all honor here belongs to Kevin Clague!) that affect the size, the quality and the brilliance of the images.
I mainly used medium settings for there's a trade-off between the quality and the size of the resulting instructions archive.
Yet, if there's a popular demand to increase the images' size and quality and to accept a pretty large download size for that (what's an appropriate limit? 1.5 mb? 3 mb?), for aught I care there's no problem to provide an according version.

Anonymous said…
Perhaps just zoom in on those 'detail' portions that are difficult to see? (Note, haven't looked at the file yet, just going off of Jim's comment)

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