Reader catches a possible hint of things to come

I totally missed this one, but reader Drew S. was kind enough to point me to this LEGO Education link. Read the "Description" paragraph carefully...

The "Science & Technology Set" sounds very interesting... definitely sounds like one of many potential new releases.

I don't have any additional information... you know as much as I do now. But I'll definitely check into it.



Anonymous said…
Isn't that the same link you posted April 1st?

Or are we supposed to be looking at something new on that page?
It's the Science & Ed kit that wasn't commented on in the earlier post.
Anonymous said…
Lego Education has also recently begun offering the converter cables as a separate item.
Anonymous said…
The posted link takes me to the $59.00 product 'W979648', which is the 671 'extra pieces' kit.

I've scoured the page for 'Science & Education' on that page and can't find anything. It's friday, I'm tired, so I might be missing it, but can you check the link?
Anonymous said…
Alright, nevermind.

The description text mentions another set that isn't yet pictured. Now I get it.

The quote:

The set was specifically designed to complement the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Base Set, as well as the new Science & Technology Set due to release later in 2006
Anonymous said…
Looking at the picture, there is some thing that looks like an oversised tread in teh compartment with all the other wheels and tyres. Is LEGO finaly coming out with a bigger set of tracks?
Anonymous said…
What's up guys?

I think the LEGO Education page mentioned the "Science & Technology Set" way back in April when Jim first posted the link and it was discussed.

Sorry to bring you back to the ground. The Science & Technology Set is not particularly exciting, just some mini-figures and Technic wheels, beams & such. Pictures are on LEGO Educations "West Coast" site:
(Click the slideshow for a bigger picture.)

You know, LEGO could really do some amazing things here with some expansion packs that focus on specific tasks...

A Science & Tech kit that teaches things such as gravity, inertia, force, etc. by building bots that the user builds to test theories... maybe a workbook for keeping track of data (lab book)... the one you posted doesn't look like it even integrates the NXT/RCX bots.

Anonymous said…
Well, thats not as exciting. Curious that they dont have that info on the main website. (peeron didn't have it as an old kit so I guess its new.)
But other good things turned up by scouring the sites are:
RCX support & ed sales till 2009.
NXT comes with BATTERIES INCLUDED (remember the movie?) durracells even. (on the main commercial pre-order site on the humanoid image and at the bottom of the description is a durracell included image. Exactly 6. Get right to it once it arrives.
Anonymous said…
The 'with batteries' pack has been listed as 'sold out', while the 'not with batteries' pack isn't.

Of course, I buy my by the 48 pack from Costco... 2 bricks of 48 are ready and waiting.
Anonymous said…
CAUTION: Lego Ed is a bit crazy - I mean they insist their NXT brick inernal programming will be different than the public brick and then provide no info - The price on the NXT expansion set looks good (we'll see in August) but other offerings are overpriced (don't believe the pix on the web page - 1 pump and 1 pneumatic cyl. only combination available currently in that line, will set you back US$10.

Speaking of PNEUMATICS and the rapidly disappearing brick and accessory packs - call the 800- number todaqy and request the stuff they're not showing that you can use - they swear all comments make it trans-atlantic.
Anonymous said…
This reader catches battery is very embllishing.

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