Welcome, Eric, to the wonderful world of NXT journalism!

Eric has a blog and forum startup... looks good. Check it out at



Anonymous said…
I see a great forum in the process of being built. anybody else think this is going to be a good nxt site?
Anonymous said…
I hope so. I haven't found a single other Mindstorms forum that's been useful or interesting.

Lego's official forums are full of fluff.

lugnet.robotics has some interesting folks, but seems kind of exclusive and there can be days between posts.

Anyone know of others?
Anonymous said…
I like the layout of the site, and the forum looks pretty nice too.


That's funny, I've found the official Mindstorms forums very helpful in my robotics building, but whatever...

Anonymous said…
jonathan, I wasn't trying to flame anyone-- just saying that a hundred posts about "Is NXT cool?" "Yeesssss!!!" didn't really grab me.

And for lugnet, the collective creativity and brainpower they have is great! There just haven't been a lot of NXT activity.
amcdonald said…
Hey Jim, the link to nxtasy.org on the home page... you have it pointing to nxtasy.com
Thanks for the catch... fixed the problem.


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