15,000+ hits

For June 2006, we had over 11,000 visitors to The NXT STEP. And for July 2006, we've exceeded 16,000. Thanks also to Dylan R. for emailing and letting me know that a Google search for "Mindstorms NXT blog" now has The NXT STEP as #1... kinda cool to see that... thanks again, Dylan.

Take a look at the map... I hope you can find your location highlighted. At this point, the map is so crowded that individual cities are difficult to distinguish, but you can see that the NXT definitely has a world-wide base of fans.

Again, thanks for visiting The NXT STEP - we'll continue to bring you news and discussion on the NXT... and, as always, we welcome and appreciate your comments.


Andrew B. said…
Wow, that's mighty impressive for a blog that's only been around for about six months! Congrats!

It's interesting how much your Geo Overlay matches mine -- large concentrations in N. America, W. Europe, and E. Asia. I wonder what our maps would look like if the PRC and India didn't block blogspot.com...
Anonymous said…
Where is Brian and Mattias?
Brian, I believe, is still on vacation... Matthias is still here, too. We all have regular duties/jobs, so there are periods of time where one or more of us might not be posting as often. They'll probably be glad to hear that someone misses them :)


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