Allow me to introduce myself briefly

I work as a software engineer, with a background also in electronics. Once upon a time, in a universe far far away I was a child who like many others played with Lego, and put a Lego motor in some of my model cars and lorries.

When I saw the Lego NXT article in February's Wired magazine I saw the toy that I wished I had as a little boy!

Readers of the NXT STEP may have noticed my comments from time to time; often complaining that the UK (like the rest of Europe) has to wait until September or later for pre-ordered NXT kits to ship.

Well I have been very lucky, and received a NXT Educational kit on Friday: strictly speaking a bundle of the Educational kit, a charger and the software.

Very lucky indeed that the distributor used one of their limited supply to complete my order, rather than to send it as a partial consignment to a school or college that had ordered lots of kits for their classes.

I have mentioned previously, in a comment, that Lego have a tool to find the educational distributors for each country:

I cannot promise you will be so lucky, schools & colleges in Europe have placed lots of orders and teachers and techicians are trying to get the NXT kits ready for the new school term in September.



Anonymous said…
Hungary is not on the map... again... : ((((

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