Another MDP profile added

Steve Hassenplug's MDP profile has been added to the official website... check it out here.

Move over ROOMBA...


Anonymous said…
I've actualy been waiting for the bios of some of those "big dogs" in the Lego world. But this is actualy somewhat disapionting. Although, he does have a sense of humor :o)
What's disappointing about it? I thought it was a pretty cool idea to use a Swiffer attachment...

Brian Davis said…
Well, part of the problem is, Steve is doing a LOT of stuff currently, so preparing it for public display on LEGO's website might have been tough just from the standpoint of time. And a lot of those "big dogs" in the LEGO world have their own way of displaying their works, like their website:

As to the Swiffer idea, now all that he needs is the ability to find and plug into a "dock" to recharge the battery, and his little sweeper robot could run at night (signaled by low light level) while hibernating and recharging during the day. Hehe.

Brian "I still can't take the time to host my own website" Davis
Anonymous said…
Disapionting as is, lacking content. Other MDP'ers had a bit more to say on there profiles. But I do understand why there isn't much there.
About docking and recharging. That might be posible with the Luthinium battery.

Maniac "still signes his name whith capitol letteers even though it won't show up" 000
Anonymous said…
I thought the MDP was 100 people. Are you telling me that only 10 people were able to submit a project or two for Lego to show off? Not to sound like sour grapes, but if I had been selected I would have been happy to commit to 5 or 10 projects for the website. Before this gets too negative, I will thank the 15 or so people who have made their projects available either on this blog or their own websites. For the other MDP, thanks for nothing. Those of us, myself included, who are still waiting on our NXT kits, were hoping for more of a response from the MDP. Next time Lego, you might want to require those selected to do more PR work for you during and after the beta period.

Jim and Brian and Mattias, sorry to post such a negative comment, but I really feel that many in the MDP did not live up to the expectations of the general public. There seems to be a small subset of the MDP who are contributing, yourselves included, and this is very disappointing. Since the MDP is over, I don't know how much influence you still have with Lego, but if you still have contact with them, tell them that 10 profiles out of 100 just isn't enough.
Wow... I'm not sure how to respond to that.

I'm still limited by the NDA I have with LEGO, so I have to be careful what I say here...

First, regarding the 10 profiles... Steve's was just added, so it's possible there might be more coming...

Second, most of the MDPers, I believe, have real-world jobs. I work from home, so my job does allow me some freedom to post more frequently and respond to comments... I imagine most of the MDPers come home at the end of their work days and have families and/or other obligations. I'm just adding this because I think a lot of the MDPers probably had just enough time to play with the NXT and provide feedback to LEGO, not the rest of the world.

And finally, there may be a lot more content out there that just hasn't been found yet... we're all aware of Philo's site or Matthias' site, but there may be some floating out there that we just haven't discovered.

I think putting all the responsibility on us MDPers to provide continuous content is probably a mistake. I don't want to get into a debate or argument on this issue, so I'll just let this be my final word on the subject... but others may chime in - some in support of your complaint and others against...but I do thank you for your comments and for keeping it civil. I ask that anyone else replying do the same... thanks.

Anonymous said…
I agree with Anonymous. I was disappointed with the response from some of the MDPs.

On the other hand, I know some of them are too busy building to document...

Anonymous said…
Now I'm in a dilema. I agree with both Anonymous, and with Jim, but not very strongly with either...And I don't have a fully formulated oppinion of my own. I'll try jabbering.
In response to anonymous

First, I never expected all 100 profiles. That would be overboard. They are doing good, they give the profiles of the most prominent and most active MDP'ers
Second, I think that the MDP'er have doen their job. But it isn't to inform us, that's an afterthought. They where there as bata testers for the NXT system. LEGO brought them in (or rather sent kits out) so that they could be pushed to the limits outside of a lab.

In response to Jim

Well I agree with almost all of what you say...yeah, all.

In response to steve

You still have a sense of humor. But it takes minutes to snap a few photos and write up a paragraph. That's all we want.
Unknown said…
Steve's statement squares with my own experiences: disappointed expectations when considering the percentage of MDPs actively making the world happy with heaps of NXT-related stuff - yet this could mean also that I had built up reprehensively wrong expectations (in German, the saying goes Wer sich taeuschen will, muss enttaeuscht werden -> He who wants to err has to be disappointed).

And (again from my own experiences) I can acknowledge that it's not the easiest task for full-time working people to find the time to be creative with NXT and to publish the results to the community at that.

Matthias "The Wimp" Paul
Anonymous said…
Let me just say, two of my favorite creations are still covered by the NDA.

Just wait.

Anonymous said…
"Just wait."

With fortitude*bows*
Humm... You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.

...and Never will!

I am an MPDer. I have a full time job (posted in my MDP profile) and a part-time job with very little time otherwise. Let me explain.

I leave work at 4pm everyday. I race home to hug my family (wife, 3 1/2 yr. old boy, and a brand new baby boy born during the MDP period). Now, I'm not saying that I am a god, but I managed to find a few seconds here and there to create something NXT. I mean seconds! Usually, right before bed when I am so tired I couldn't see. If any sour readers out there have children you will know how much personal time parents actually have for self-improvement. For those that do not have children I can say we have seconds weekly.

I like the dream production of "5 - 10 Projects"... The fun was trying to use the new toolset effectively all within the MDP period (2 months?). Learning the new NXT programming software was a time hog of its own. New motor shapes and studless elements were difficult at first (some could not get past this trouble).

All in all, the MDP group did a fine job. There are very many creations that would have taken months or years to create were all created before the NXT was released. Something the RIS never received.

Funny thing... I have seen only 2 non-MDP creations since the release of the NXT to the public.

Well, I cannot type any longer. Back to work...soory for my low turnout/production. I want to do more. Time is...well short.

Anonymous said…

I can't sympothize (you're talking to a 14 year old kid here), but I understand your delima. But surely there are more than 2 non-MDP creatins out there. What about all the ones that has posted about? Where they made by MDP'ers?
Those "2" that I have had the luck to find without digging. I'm sure others exist. Not much has been posted on Brickshelf yet. I believe the avarage public eye would not see much more. Yet...anyway! The greatest RIS creations were not realized until years after set release.

Thank You for the URL! I had not seen this site. I see a couple from non-MDP builders.

Really though... As Jim touched on... Most MDPers may not have produced much in the way of actual NXT creations with the elements, our primary function was something different. The creations were a side bonus. Those few represent thousands of man-hours and are meant to inspire others to create more and build on the community! Yes, in this case more would likely have been better. But, too many very very cool creations too quickly might discourage some people from trying.

Since I do not have a website of my own, several of my creations are waiting for the treatment.

Now, where do I get a site?

Anonymous said…
Brickshelf+Notepad=good NXT matirial

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