Another MDP profile

Kert pointed out that Danny's profile has now been added to the official site... check it out here.


Anonymous said…
This is a profile that I'm happy with. Even though it only features one bot. Johnxt is awsome! Well done Danny!
Anonymous said…
I definitley agree with maniac - he really did it up on this robot! It's like the advanced++ version of alpharex. :)

Yes, he did a very fine job! I like it very much.

Yes, well done! Please, render this one with a CAD program (MLCad maybe)!!

with absolutely no disrespect to Danny... He worked hard on this one during the MDP period and finished after the MDP closure. Not a big deal at all. Just shows that for a very good creation to be realized a lot of time is needed.

Are you unhappy/happy specifically with the Profiles or NXT Robots?

I agree... Danny did an absolute amazing conversion.

There's already been some 'negative' reactions to it, though... which is unfortunate. It might discourage people from sharing their designs if they feel they're going to be critiqued for every little thing...

I think the pictures Danny provided have some missing items on purpose (such as the brick in one pic) to allow for more detail to be visible... maybe I'm wrong, but a visit to Danny's site indicates the J5 does work.
Anonymous said…

"Are you unhappy/happy specifically with the Profiles or NXT Robots?"

Sigh...I complain about one profile and now look:o)
I have no complaints with this profile or the robot featured on it. Other profiles...that's something else entirely. To answer your question, I would say that as a whole, I am happy with both. In some circumstances (sorry Steve) I am not very pleased with the content. The only thing that disappointed me about Steve's was that there was only one robot. Now Danny also has only one robot, but that was all he built. And come on! To my knowledge, this is what he spent his MDP time with, and more.
It has been explained by Steve that due to the NDA he can't show off his bots. I have no complaint with that.


"There's already been some 'negative' reactions to it, though..."

I know, I started it. I apologise for any cartisim that came from misinterpretation.

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