Another NXT media appearance - Mouse

Evidently one of Steve Hassenplug's NXT-based robots, called "Mouse", got a two-page spread in the MIT Technology Review this month (Jul/Aug). I don't have a copy (wish I did), but if any of our readers do have access, perhaps they could post a comment describing the article.

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
The it was the "Hack" section of the magazine. It just basically described the parts (motors, sensors, microprocessor,etc...) of "Mouse" and NXT. It isn't really a full article but it is something!
Here's the actual writeup...

Anonymous said…
In link form:

MIT Mouse article
Unknown said…
An addendum for those who haven't noticed already: make sure to keep your mouse long enough on the numbered circles on the images - this will shift the text on the right hand.

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