BROC - NXT at Microsoft

Here is the C/NET News report on the visit LEGO and 3 MDPs (Steven Hassenplug, David Schilling, and myself) made at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington near Seattle on July 24th 2006 for a Big Robot On Campus (BROC) stop. It was very fun for everyone and well received by the 200+ attending. See some of the pictures.

"BenG" of the old Official MindStorms Forums fame, was also there. Seems he is now an intern in the Microsoft Robotics Group. Go Axelrod!!

Hey, I can see my arm behind the NXT Las Vegas Slot Machine!

The Hassenplug Clones strike again!



Anonymous said…
Hi Jim. Good to see you yesterday at Microsoft. I didn't realize it was you. Else I would definatley have stopped by to chat!

Thanks for the great demo you guys did and the "we know what's nxt T-shirt" :)

-Steve from

Wrong guy... I wasn't there. Unless it was my alternate universe evil twin.

Makes me wonder, though, who you did see...

Andrew B. said…
You guys should've pinged me -- I'm only one building over from the robotics team. :-)
Tony Naggs said…
An Associated Press story on this event is showing up all over the place.

For instance:,0,3289425.story?coll=hc-headlines-business

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Here is a little report I made about the event with some additional links.

Christopher Smith

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