BT and PDA control (and PCs)

Brian's on a short vacation and probably unable to post, so I want to share a link with you that was given to him to share... all I can say is - VERY COOL!

From the site: "OnBrick is a 20 button programmable NXT remote controller for PDAs & PCs, using Bluetooth."

Get it here.

Have fun with it.


Anonymous said…
Do you know who owns the site? Would like to ask them if they'd be willing to make a palm version...
Drew Stevenson said…
I'd Love a Palm Version too!
I've spent the morning trying out the PC version. It can be finiky and requires some knowledge of setting up (or findiong out) COMM ports. It defaults to 14 but mine for example with all my computers gadgets is 30 or 31 (seems random).
It is lots of fun and I've personalized a few things already. (more power for the grab comand). Its basicly the same language as the NXT onboard programer but via remote with multiple comands pre-loaded.

IT HATES LOW BATTERIES! - I had low batteries and the comands where often ignored or sluggish, sensor values only a few present despite the full suite plugged in. New batteries and it was better.
DO NOT SHUT OFF NXT FIRST. I have had quite a few freezes so far with the program and it seems that if you shut down any BT apps or the NXT before the program it will hang and lag your system something fierce.

It seems to be a pre-release (AKA Demo) and alot of future options seem to be Greyed out.
I'll try it abit more before I make a bug report to the author, but so far it needs work But its AWESOME in its potential.
And Yes Please for PALM.
Anonymous said…
also.. it's not open source. what gives? the class is available, but what about the low level bt commands?
idreamincode said…
I have a Dell Axim x30 with Windows Mobile 2003 2nd edition and it will not even open up. I paired the NXT and it together just fine but no dice when trying to open the program. hopefully the next version will have this worked out.
Lego Lightning said…
I have been using it with my Dell X51V
running WM 5.0, and it works quite well. idreamincode, you are using wm2003se it looks like it only supports wm 5.0.
Lego Lightning said…
Ah and you may need to download .net framework 2.0 for your pocket pc.
Anonymous said…

I was able to run OnBrick on my Asus A620BT PDA. It has WM2003. After installing .net framework 2.0 to my machine everything went fine. Thank for your tip, Lego Lightning!

I have to point out, that I could not test it with a Mindstroms NXT yet.

Anonymous said…
Jake and Drew - there is a palm remote control for NXT located at:
Anonymous said…
Hey, I've got the program to load up on my Atom Exec (WM 5) and with NET. Compact 2.0. However I've got problems with making a connection between the PDA and the NXT. As I enter the passkey (0000) and press NEXT on my PDA, the NXT stops and gives the error '! Line Busy' Anyone have a clue how to connect the NXT and PDA together properly.?
Anonymous said…
Do anyone knows if there is some similar program for mac????
Anonymous said…
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