Danny's Johnny5

See the previous post for a link to view Danny's profile, but I just have to post an image of the new J5.

Danny, great job! The J5 looks awesome and it's obvious you've put a lot of thought and planning into the bot.


Anonymous said…
Only one small criticism. The small pneumatic cylinders on Johnxt don't match the color scheme of the rest of the robot. I'm rally getting nitpicky here though, this is a terrific bot. I think this is probably the best NXT bots that have surfaced so far
Anonymous said…
and, of course, they have no tubes attached to them...therefore totally non-functional.
Anonymous said…
Ah, I totaly missed that. What is with that? Are does that mean that they don't actualy function? Than what are they there for?
Danny, you created a fantastic rendering of Johnny Five! Please, CAD it!

Regarding the pneumatic pumps... I spotted that also. I beleive they are there as an additional degree(s) of freedom. Danny mentions that the head moves side to side (for UltraSensor operation). So, maybe these pumps are there to be continued as they match the real Johnny Five's neck.


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