Grubbing for more NXT models...

Menno Gorter, another member of the MDP, has designed very novel NXT-based robot. Take a look at his new additions to his Brickshelf gallery. It clearly uses a lot of the double-bent liftarms, but it looks like a really interesting solution (and it looks very, well... grub-like!). Well done, Menno!

The NXT-grub

Brian Davis


Menno, It Is Beautiful! I love it! Does it operate well? Please, CAD this one!!!!!

Gotta run! Chris
Unknown said…
Looks great!

I wonder if it's really able to move.
Is there any movie available yet?
Anonymous said…
This is great Menno. Can you get any vidio footage of it up somewhere? Please? I am dying to see it in action.
Well, no reply from Menno via email. If someone talks to him, please let him know I'm requesting a CAD file of Grub for the MindStorms site. If he cannot render it I can do it for him if he provides a lot of photos.

Drew Stevenson said…
Quite beautiful. Makes me glad I just recently ebayed a bunch of conveyor/treads. I dont know if I would have the patience to find that many of one piece. (reason why I'm organizing them I guess).
Truely well done - That one climbs right out of the perverbial "[BOX]"
How does it turn? I would imaginet hat some body flex is possible to arc into a turnning shape but alas I dont see a 2nd servo.
Also is it my imagination or did the US sensor become a bumper by hooking its boom onto a Touch sensor?
Can anyone ID the pieces being used to join the Double Bend tread pieces?
Again Grub is Food for Thought.
Menno Gorter said…
The good news for all non-believers; I've put some video's on MeTube.
( Search for Menno Gorter.... )

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