Hold off on the CBS download...

For those who got word about the Clicking Brick Syndrome fix this morning... do NOT download and install it just yet... more info to come.



Anonymous said…
Where does one get this download? I checked for a firmware update this morning using the Mindstorm program and there isn't anything there. I don't actually need it because I updated to 1.03 wihtout issue, just curious mostly.
Anonymous said…
they pulled it.
It was pulled earlier this morning... no news yet.

Anonymous said…
speaking of downloads that have been pulled, does anyone have a mirror of the OnBrick bluetooth remote utility? the links on its homepage are down. thanks
Anonymous said…
I tried that OnBrick thing and I couldn't get it to run..
Anonymous said…
I called Lego yesterday and they emailed the beta patch to me - and it worked fine. What is wrong with the one that was pulled? What is the difference between the one I got and the one we should hold off on. Did I damage my brick?
I truly don't know, Mike... but I'm glad the beta got you working.

Thanks for letting us know.

Drew Stevenson said…
If you have trouble with the remote you should try tricking your computer into holding a BT connection. Do this by doing to your bluetooth device list (Control Panel I think) and find your NXT and go to its properties. Select the services tab and make note of the Ports it uses for A and B serial connections. THEN open the remote and in one of the tabs is a COMM: setting (defaults to 14? I think) then change it to one of the Com ports noted in the Service section of the NXT's properties (I dont recomend closing that window - I find it is more likely to drop the connection as the com ports seem to be a little dynamic with my USB Bluetooth). That should get the remote running.
DONT turn off the NXT or close the Bluetooth window until the remote program is closed. It freezes alot under those conditions.
Gordon B said…
Jim, did you ever resove the issue of locking the NXT motor to hold up a heavy object? What did you finally do?
I found that when I put the motor in a parallel process, it DID
lock... I don't know why it initially wasn't doing that, but I have an
idea... I was only having the motor spin about 90 degrees (1/4
turn)... when it began to work, I had changed it to 270 degrees and
the motor could NOT complete the full rotation... so it seems that it
just held the force, trying to complete the motion. That's my
guess... or it might have just been 'user error' :)
Drew Stevenson said…
I have been curious as to how NXT sorts out dual use comands. If I have two parrallel comands one saying turn A clock wise and the other saying turn A Counter Clockwise - which does it do? Is it the "top most" comand? does it average them out?

I know that when I put motor motions in series with other comands (even loops) it often forgets about the motor while it exicutes other things.
Anonymous said…
If you want to try OnBrick, the downloads work, but the links are wrong. There is a "\" where there should be a "/"




Let us know if it works for you. I have an HP iPAQ 4350 with PPC 2002, and the app will not run. The windows XP verson runs, but I do not have a BT dongle for my XP machine yet, so I've not tested.

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