Aug 1, 2006

The MDP Grand Challenge

Back in late May, the MDP were issued a building challenge... the contest ran until early June. I am including here the details of the challenge as well as some photos and videos of a few submissions. Some of them are funny... some of them followed the "letter of the law"... and some of them were just plain strange.

Here is a summary of the rules:

“Make a mobile NXT robot that can find and recognize a wall and negotiate (get over) it, without touching the wall”.
1. The challenge field is one square meter (10.764 square feet) and the robot must start from the perimeter of the action area.

2. The challenge field's perimeter can be marked in any way you like (wall, black line etc.) as long as the physical marking does not aid the robot in the actual mission other than marking the boundary of the Action Area.
3. The challenge field must be a square.
4. The wall must be 10 centimeters (3.937 inches) high, 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) wide and about 2 centimeters (appr. 1 inch) deep - (possibly made of LEGO bricks)
5. The wall must be placed in the center of the Action Area.
6. The robot must not be pre-programmed to travel towards the wall, but has to find it autonomously.
7. Remote controls and BT commands are not allowed.
8. Only the elements and sensors found in the NXT tool set must be used.
9. Any possible programming language can be used.

The winning robot (and inventor) is the one that completes the Challenge the fastest and by not touching the wall as it goes over it.

Here are some links to videos and pictures submitted by challengers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


msim said...

Isnt the second one just a "just for fun" video clip?
I know it is stupid asking this question, but did the person who made that actually enter that?

Guy Ziv said...

Did anyone succeed passing the wall (from ABOVE) and remain on his "feet"?

Matthias Paul Scholz said...

The "Leguan" is missing (which has been the moral winner, of course ;-) )!

Guy Ziv said...

Matthias, why didn't you give a link? very nice work, alltough I would prefer a robot which go over the wall carrying the ramp, so can do it again...
Anyway, here's a link to Leguan from Matthias.

Matthias Paul Scholz said...


> Isnt the second one just a "just for fun" video clip?
I know it is stupid asking this question, but did the person who made that actually enter that?

The answer to both questions is yes.

Matthias Paul Scholz said...

guy ziv,

you are absolutely right here - was a time issue that I didn't implement that (being already then beyond the deadline).

/Matthias Paul

guy ziv said...

Accidentally, there's great similarity between the second clip and another creation by Matthias ;)

Jim Kelly said...

Addendum: I did not get permission to post all the videos and images for the contest... sorry.


dlevy said...

regarding the 2nd video...
Lego should have spend more time on memory than teleportation!

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