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Dave W. mentioned that is possibly working on speech synthesis for the NXT... a quick trip over to the website also shows some new items such as a motor multiplexor, allowing you to add up to 4 more motors - it plugs into one of your sensor ports. You can pre-order and it ships after July 20.

Also seen is an RCX sensor adapter, allowing you to connect the legacy sensors to the NXT without using a converter cable.

There's also a RCX-to-NXT Communication adapter - it doesn't say much other than it's used to "enable 2-way communications between the RCX and NXT."

And the other items mentioned as 'in the works':

Various LED's
Binary Tilt sensor
GP2D12/GP2D120/GP2Y0A21YK interface
Pneumatic Pressure Sensor

Check it out here. Click on the "Coming Soon for NXT" link to see it all...


Anonymous said… posted about, and suplied a video of a compas sensor from Mindsensor. Check it out there.
Anonymous said…
Some notes on the sensors from Mindsensor:
Teperature sensor. I'm not happy with it personaly. I can make one myself and the expense wouldn't get very high at all. I also don't like the way they just left the electronics uncovered (the same as all their products). In the event that I was to use this sensor on liquid...
Motor multiplexer. This I like. It is small and simple, but it has space for four motors.
Adaptor. An interesting product. But I think that a convertor cable would be eisier. With this, you have to conect wires to the NXT and then to it, and then to a motor. Not as direct as a convertor cable.
Comunication bridge. Sounds good. You can see what's on it. An LED, and a "something" for reciecing. I still like HiTechnics better.
Anonymous said…
I have discovered a method for communicating with the NXT using the RCX. I have read many articles asking for information as to implementing this process. You have to use NQC to do this. There is a little known command called (sendmessage()) which sends an IR signal from the RCX. The light sensor on the NXT will respond to this signal which you can program to start a motor or whatever. It is relatitively simple to implement this process. If anyone needs specific instructions, my email is

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