New Compass sensor photos from

Dr. Nitin Patil with emailed me some new photos of the compass center and components. is taking pre-orders now.

Components, including cable.

Compass sensor

Ready to mount...


Drew Stevenson said…
Anyone hear anything from any of the sesnor companies? I am disliking that they make me wait to give them money (neither has replyed to my emails of "when can I order?") I am not sure if it will be a well researched purchase or just who can get the product to me soonest... Thoughts?
Brian Davis said…
If by "sensor companies" you mean Mindsensors and HiTechnic, I don't know a whole lot about the former, but I know HiTechnic has been working very hard on getting the best working, well-designed sensors possible ready for market... and that's not easy. I've gotten a significant amount of John's (HiTechnic) product in the past, and suspect a lack of contact is due to a small company tooling up for trying to supply a large demand, and do it well.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Nittin from Mindsensors has informed me that their compass sensor will be shipping in a few days. Their site says July 20th.
Brian has hit the nail on the head with regard to activities at HiTechnic. We are in total overtime mode getting production ramped up, not only for the upcoming USA release of NXT but also its release in other countries in coming months. At HiTechnic we aim to manufacture the best possible sensors that perform and look like they are part of the Mindstorms set with all the sophisticated functionality and ease of use NXT users expect. More details regarding a release date and when orders can be placed will be forthcoming. We would rather take a little extra time to get everything just right than release a sensor that is not 100% ready.

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