The NXT goes virtual in Second Life

I commented recently that perhaps Steve Hassenplug's MDP profile that just went up was thinner than it might have been, due to all the other stuff he's doing... and at the same time I was writing that, he happened to squirt me an email with still more interesting stuff. Yes, he (and many of the rest of us) are busy busy busy... but at least Steve's "busy" is still pushing a lot of stuff forward, publicly:

Big Robot on Campus in Second Life

It looks like this is a group effort between Wired magazine, Second Life, LEGO, and others - Steve will be there, for instance. Even more interesting, it apears to be the launch of a LEGO program, "Big Robot on Campus", which might be very interesting... The NXT tour, anyone? If any of you out there are Second Lifers (I'm certain there're some of you out there), are you going to attend? Build with virtual LEGO? Meet Steve Haseenplug? Let us know how this shapes up!

Brian Davis


Unknown said…
Seems that most of the interesting stuff in respect to the NXT is happening beyond the pond (from my point of view) presently - which is not surprising, considering the fact that it's not available yet in our neck of the woods here.

Yet - are there (planned?) any events the likes of these in Europe also?

Matthias "still sanguine" Paul

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