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Anonymous said…
Tried using NeXTTool to receive a Bluetooth message from the NXT on my PC, but can't get it to work. My communication is OK because I can use NeXTTool to read the firmware version,etc. Here is what I tried:

- Download program with single BT Send Message block configured to send a text message on connection 1 and mailbox 1.
- Go to BT menu on NXT and connect my PC to connection 1 (already paired). Based on the NXT-G help, the NXT should be connection 0.
- Ran program to send the message.

On PC:
- Tried to execute the following command:
NeXTTool /bt /inbox=0 -msgread=1
NeXTTool /bt /inbox=1 -msgread=0
NeXTTool /bt /inbox=1 -msgread=1

None worked.

Tried running program on NXT to send message during the reads as well.

NeXTool uses the term "box" for both the /inbox option and the -msgread box. This makes me wonder which one is what the NXT-G refers to as "Connection" (which is why I tried the various combinations).

Has anyone used this tool? What am I doing wrong? Should I just try the MS Robotics Studio?
Brian Davis said…
I've not used NeXTTool (or even read up on it as yet), but you might try contacting the maintainer of the web page:


Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
Is the next shipping to the world? Australia has to wait for September. Bummer.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, it only seems to be shipping in the US for now. I guess the factory wheels are moving slowly.

I tried contacting bricxcc@comcast.net this morning about BT messages on NeXTTool. No response yet ...

Has anyone used RobotC with the NXT? It sounds like it lacks support for a lot of things. Any impressions?

I'll probably try using NBC for a while. Anyone tried this yet?

So many things to try for such a young Robot.
Anonymous said…
Is the next shipping to the world?

I imagine shipping of the NXT is actually suspended at the moment.

Some have shipped in the US, but you will find from comments in the NXT Step blog (& elsewhere) a number of reports of problems updating the firmware on the brick from the distibuted CD.

I would guess in the order of 500 NXTs have shipped - this is the kind of sales you need before you find out about problems that affect, say, 2% of customers.

To justify my guess a little further: if shipping had reached much beyond a 1000 I would expect to see many more people discussing their first steps here or in places such as lugnet.robotics newsgroup.

Hopefully Lego are testing a fix for this issue now, and there will be no more issues. Then they can ship beyond the US sooner. :-)

I am certainly looking forwards to my NXT arriving September!

Anonymous said…
At least, when I finally get my hands on it, all the bugs will probably be ironed out.

Looking at the programs posted on TheNXTStep give me a feeling of "So close, yet so far". It's infuriating!

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