Quiet again over at LEGO Education...

The LEGO Education blog is quiet again, but for those of you who have purchased (or are preparing to purchase) the Education NXT kit, fellow contributor Tony Naggs has provided a parts inventory over at Peeron... complete with pictures! This was mentioned in a comment, but I think it deserves to be posted so it doesn't get lost. Check it out here.

Subeditor's special effect: Tony corrects the spelling of his name above.

Creating the inventory was easier than I expected as Philippe Hurbain had previously created an inventory, and uploaded some pictures, for the shop version of the Mindstorms NXT here.

Green text added by Tony.


Tony Naggs said…
Jim - I count that as twice that you have spelt my name wrong on the blog!

Ttfn, Tony (purveyor of British spellings)
Jim shall receive 10 flogs from a wet noodle. Shant happen again, Tony.

Unknown said…
So there's actually a Minifig contained in the education kit?
What is it good for?
Anonymous said…
Hi Jim,

you might as well correct my name, too (Jürgen).

The minifig is for crash testing...
Got it, Jürgen. Does it look okay?

I couldn't figure out the ü when I added the original HTML text...

Does anyone have a photo of the minifig?

Anonymous said…
Yes, that's the right character.
Tony Naggs said…
Matthias - the school RCX sets also have a minifig. I guess it helps to introduce the Robot kit to younger children.

Jürgen - sorry, I should have spotted the missing accent when Jim asked me to check the link.

Christopher - you can see the minifig parts in the Peeron inventory. I can post photos later.

- ttfn, Tony
Tony, are the inventory shots really the design on the minifig? With the vacation pattern and w/o an NXT/MindStorms shirt of some kind?

Tony Naggs said…
Hi Christopher

Yes exactly that design - picking out the correct minifig parts for the inventory took ages!

- Best regards, Tony

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