Update on the Firmware Issue

We were contacted by a friend within LEGO this morning with a little bit more information on this. They are aware (& working furiously!) on this issue, and have some fixes in view that need some more testing: but they can reproduce the problem on both Macs and PCs (it is not platform dependant), and hope to have some more information in a few days.

I wish I could simply say, "here's the fix guys, sorry for the delay", but this is on the right track... and hopefully in a few days the "fix will be in".

Brian Davis


Anonymous said…
My NXT fall in ticking(to).
But it's back to life!

I out all the batteries from the NXT
I plug the NXT to my PC
I return all the batteries to the NXT
I update the frimware

IT's WORK!!!!!!
Brian Davis said…
I wish I could tell you why, but I'm glad it worked! Hopefully this will help others (users or manufacturers :-) to hammer away at the problem.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I am facing this issue on the NXT too. Has this been resolved? I keep getting an error from the software "Cannot locate NXT device to download firmware". The ever-so-dreadful ticking is there too.
Have you downloaded version 1.04 yet? It just got released and may fix your problem.


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