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Lego weapon system


More activity at RIF

New MDP - John Hansen

HiTechnic Compass Sensor

BrickFest report & sensors

FLL Team Introduction

For Teachers... LOTS of resources here

Reader submitted Bot...

3D Modeler available...

First Compass Program

Random NXT photos from BrickFest

New HiTechnic Compass

3rd Party Sensors to be sold on LEGO's site...

RIF has joined the blogging community...

Matthias' Closeable Shovel building instructions...

LEGO Education blog website updated

Matthias' Goliath building instructions

Summary of RIF puzzles...

From NI Week to BrickFest

Book can be pre-ordered on

RIF has a sudoku puzzles...

Some new info on FLL posted...

Direct Commands API in Perl...

NI's Interactive video tutorial for NXT-G

Some nice detailed images inside the Brick

Programming Question...

Steve H's OMNI building instructions up

Building Instructions for DogChaser

Hey, the book is listed!

Having some fun with the family dog...

Competition Discussion & Questions

NXT USB GUI tool...

Another thing to do with the blue ball

New puzzle on the RIF site...

Update on book...

Welcome Dave Levy as a Contributor

An RIF download...

NI Week: the NXT challenge

You have to love a bot that's all about destruction...

400th POST! And some videos

Updated version of BricxCC available and more

OFFICIAL ANSWER on legacy sensors and RETAIL kit

Update to the official Mindstorms website

Johnny 5 is ALIVE! No doubts!

Building instructions

Keep your hand off my donut...

Bot to feed your dog...

Pictures of a SWARM bot

Strange email...

List of NXT-related sites - part I

New FLL Challenge

Something related to NXT...

New MDP profiles

MacIntel and NXT-G: high gear?

BROC - National Instruments - NIWeek '06

ROBOT magazine article part 2

New Wiki needs your help

Runtime environment for NXT

Lego NXT start shipping in Europe, to MDP applicants

Some nice resources for kids and adults...

Interesting Walker...

Nice upright base...

Need some news, LEGO Education...

NI press release: LabVIEW Toolkit for Lego Mindstorms NXT

More Details on the 2007 FLL Challenge

New MDP Profile: Bryan Bonahoom

DominoBot Building Instructions

Tetris on the NXT?

Results of small survey with DK announcement

Some new additions to My Portal

Clicking Brick Syndrome update #2...

Custom sensors for NXT


Reasons to buy the Lego Mindstorms Education NXT kit

NXT Radar theory

Some new videos


Some video coverage of "Big Robot on Campus"

NXT SDK, HDK and BDK finally released by LEGO

FLL Schedule for 2007

CMU Education Curriculum

Lots of new NXT images

NXT challenge on throw it!

Another NXT book on its way...

Quiet again over at LEGO Education...

The MDP Grand Challenge