3D Modeler available...

I don't have a lot more details, so please check this out and comment with your thoughts.



Unless I'm wrong...The $300 price of PRO/Engineer Wildfire might keep most of us from giving it a spin. I think there may be a free demo download, but I could not get my browser to get to that page. The animation samples are pretty cool!

I think it may be easier to use than some of the traditional FOL created freeware program combinations. But, without actually trying it for myself I really cannot give an opinion.

I think I will stick to LDraw/MLCad/POV-Ray etc. etc. -All freeware and very nice programs by established LEGO fans!

BTW - Soon, I will be posting a very good quick install guide for the freeware programs above. This will minimize some confusion of the installations.

Anonymous said…
What the....!
We already have a fantastic Ldraw system! With lots of utilities too!
There's no need for such a commercial software!
I agree... I had no idea the price was so high!

Anonymous said…
Pro-Engineer is a professional tool. For professional engineers and designers. It's not a toy.

That said this resource is invaluable to those who own and use Pro-E and use lego to conceptualize real world mechanical designs.
While I understand the the software is for professionals, I don't know many teachers or students who can afford it on their own... offering a library of parts won't do anyone any good if they don't have the primary software to use them.

I never said nor considered that the software was a toy... but I do stand by my opinion that the price is out of most NXT users' range.

Anonymous said…
Students and teachers from engineering diciplines have access to this software as part of their curriculum. Many of those students find jobs in companies that use the software.

I apologize for seeming to have put words in your mouth regarding the "toy" comment as that was not my intention.
And I apologize for my quick and short response... didn't mean to jump on your opinion.

I do remember having access to software while in college that I don't have now... you are correct that some students and teachers will probably be able to put the libraries to use because they have the main software... I'm probably just a little jealous :)

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