Aug 18, 2006

Building instructions


I've started to create building instructions for the robots I've made (mainly for the reason that it's easier for me to rebuild them at need) .
First ones are the instructions for The Slug - others will follow over the next days on the different pages in the Robots section.

Just in the case anyone is interested,
Matthias Paul


Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

Thanks Matthias, That is the best way to retain any hope of exact rebuilds...and Sharing is a big plus!

I would like everyone to give it a try and save your creations before dismantle. The extra time will be well spent. I lost so many good things before any of the CAD programs came around.

PS - If anyone is interested in my HoopRover...I've rendered it with MLCad. I can send copies if emailed.


dlevy said...

You may want to consider adding HoopRoover to the repository.

I'd like to start using mclad. Is there good starting point? I'm still confused over the differences between LDView/LPub/Mclad... and would like to know the minimum installation requirements to create NXT instructions and render them in html.


Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

dlevy, could you email me? jodokast(at)

I can give you a qucik starter...and maybe post something here later.

Thanks for the repository idea. I will be adding it to the LEGO MindStorms MDP profile area soon. There are some other things in the works there that will be along the same lines as well.


Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

MENNO GORTER...If you're watching.

Please, render your NXT-Grub!


msim said...

No offense to the other MDP members, its just my opinion.
this looks like(to me) one of the more complex robots Ive seen.
although it may just be because of the gears, gears make my head hurt.

It would be very fun to build more of the robots that the MDPers have built. Ive even tryed to duplicate some of the robots only by sight.
Ive successfully duplicated Jenntwo, Vinecrawler, and the NXT crab(with awkward restults.)
Again, I would very much enjoy being able to build the other MDPers robots.

Brian Davis said...

Well, I never did get into MLCad or the other LEGO CAD packages... but once I got a digital camera, documentation (for me) became quick and easy. I disassemble in stages, leaving the parts arranged in kind of an "exploded view", and snap pictures at every step. DAZLR is documented as a series of 40 partially redundant digital pictures (I'll probably toss them into my Brickshelf folder at some point, if folks want them).

As to complexity, I would agree this is one of the more complex models out there. My first designs were simple for a reason (i.e. - testing the SW & FW, and figuring out how to build a basic mobile platform). After Brickfest, I'd really like to work on a game-playing NXTbot (Nim at first, then maybe something else).

Brian Davis

Matthias Paul Scholz said...


> DAZLR is documented as a series of 40 partially redundant digital pictures (I'll probably toss them into my Brickshelf folder at some point, if folks want them).

Please toss it!

Matthias Paul (vox populi)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see it too.

Rok Sraka said...

Can I build slug from only one nxt set?

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