Custom sensors for NXT

Vernier Software & Technology has published some nice images and videos of NXT robots they created to illustrate the usage of their custom sensors (amongst others a Low-G Accelerometer, a UV sensor and a magnetic field sensor).

Have a look there.


Anonymous said…
(This question has nothing to do with this post)

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to use Java with NXT? If there is a website, I'd like to know were.
Brian Davis said…
Not yet, but it's a very common request. Matthius and others are working on a Java environment for the NXT, but it doesn't exist *yet*...

Brian Davis
Do a search on for Mindstorms NXT and you'll also find a book that's supposed to be released in Jan 2007 that covers NXT and Java.

Anonymous said…
Very nice (this is about the post).
I think that the acceleromitor would work very nicly with a segway design.
Anonymous said…
(Back to the 3rd post)

I saw the book earlier and I'm looking forward to it. I just didn't know whether I could do it sooner. Oh well...
Thanks anyway!

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