DominoBot Building Instructions

Dave Astolfo, MDPer, has revamped his website and is including building instructions for his DominoBot. He's also got a review of the multiplexor and how he integrated it into a build.

Check it out here.


Anonymous said…
Is there a way to download the building instructions of the SoundBot, Classic Clock, and this great DominoBot to the Mindstorms software? The way it is laid out, it looks like you should be able to be file various instructions under "Machines" or "Vehicles" or whatever... right?
Anonymous said…
Hello All!

I would just like to extend an invitation to all those who read this blog to add to the new but almost already extinct Mindstorms Wiki:

It is not my wiki, but I think that with a little kick start, this could become something huge. We just need a little help from everybody.

It doesn't have to be an article, maybe just some info, but wikies are self reviewing communities and every piece of information you place up there will become part of it in some way or another.

Anonymous said…
Hello...Is anybody there?
You guys are doing a great job. I thought you might want to post about the addition of Bryan Bonahoom's MDP profile. Actualy, I just want you to post it so I can comment about it. But until you do, let me just say that I ham very, very, very happy with this one. Tons of bots featured and he has a sensoe of humor!

Maniac "the first one to complain about MDP profiles" 000
Anonymous said…
Okay, so finally a serious post from WLC.

I've got a question, and I figure you (former) MDPers know all about this subject.

Let's say you're going to build a robot, such as the DominoBot.

Where do you start?

I mean, do you first build the base, or the domino tower, or does it matter?

When I try to invent something, I know what the robot is basically going to do and how to do it (I hope!). But I sort of let the details and design take care of themselves as I'm building.

Are there better ways? Does this stuff take a genious in engineering? I'm especially concerned about this with the idea of studless building.

Also, will any of the books coming out for NXT deal with stuff like this?

Actually several questions there.

Brian Davis said…
Thank you, maniac000, I just popped it to the top - good catch.

On "how do you design", well... it's different for everybody. I know I often start with what I think is going to be the toughest part of a project: for instance on DAZLR, I knew lauching the sphere was critical, so that came first, without any thought towards making it mobile or where the sensors would go. Then I had to refine (MANY times) the magazine to feed the spheres in. That, it turns out, was truely the trickiest part. Once I had those, then I worried about where to put the wheels (literally just slapped on the sides - a strength, of studless building here) and the NXT (on top, where it can be flipped out of the way).

Does this stuff take a genius in engineering? Far from it! But it certainly takes a lot of trial and error, for anybody. As it did for most folks when they started with studded (conventional) LEGO building.

I don't know if any of this is directly addressed in any of the newer books (although it's been mentioned in older LEGO books), but perhaps those of us writing books will now think about it a little more.

Brian "heading to Austin TX" Davis
(more later on that)

The way I tackle a bot build is different for each bot, but yes... there is a book coming out near the end of this year (HINT HINT) that goes over a couple of methods for designing & planning... I'll see if I can release more info soon... maybe some images...


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