Aug 29, 2006

For Teachers... LOTS of resources here

First, LEGO Engineering has developed a nice little library of code samples for NXT. Right now, there are 19 examples that can be downloaded, including a very good example of a 2-Button Remote Control (using the 2 Touch Sensors).

The Learning Lab doesn't have a lot in it yet, but I can see this growing over time. There are some building instructions in here for NXT (very basic stuff) and the pictures are small. Not much in terms of programming training, but we can hope.

A small migration guide (for moving from RCX to NXT) has been provided here by LEGO Engineering. It's a start, but hopefully they'll be adding more content as time moves on...

They've also provided an interesting map of the software progression here. They've got it out to the year 2010 and it shows how LabView sees a student maturing into the full LabView product. Personally, I started learning Pascal, FORTRAN, and C in high school (not well, though - I discovered girls) so take this with a grain of salt as its LabView's outlook.


jonathan said...

This is kinda OT, but speaking of downloads, check the My Portal! They've updated it again! Now you can get 23 more sound effects, plus an updated NXT driver (although I haven't seen any changes yet).


Jim Kelly said...

Thanks for the update, Jonathan!


Jim Kelly said...

Sorry, Jonathan, but I just checked and I believe those are the same updates that were made available about a month ago... sorry about that. Can anyone confirm that I'm right or wrong?


dave_w said...

Is there a way to go to the NXT portal without using the NXT software (i.e. with a browser)?

jonathan said...


I have no idea when those updates were made available (I haven't checked in a long time :) ), so it's very likely that they were made in the past. I didn't know you had posted anything about them, I guess I missed it.


Not to my knowledge - I think the Portal is only available to people with the software.


jason king said...

I'm sure you could figure this out easily by watching network traffic, but the portal URL for the retail software is . Of course, this is something that could change in the future, and the educational portal will have a different URL.


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