Keep your hand off my donut...

Another video... again, no translation required. View it here.


Anonymous said…
Not a clue what they're saying but it looks fun.
I think that the ultrasonic sensor may need to be relocated. Posibly upward facing where it will see the donut shaching hand as it pases over.
Anonymous said…
Has anyone built Spike from the retail set yet? My son will be presenting his at our club meeting this afternoon. ( This thing is a battery killer! )

He programmed it exactly from the tutorial and it seems to work fine - although it doesn't always detect an object < 6 cm and react with the stinger. It does however detect < 30 cm quite efficiently - causing it to move backward. In short, to get it to sting you have to hold your hand in front of it for a while.

Anyone have similar experiences with this model?

One more question: Is is possible to change the resolution on the NXT-G ( more icons on the page) without changing the computers resoltion?

I built the spike... there was a delay in the motion sensor response...

I haven't found a way to increase the resolution within NXT-G without changing my overall PC display... sorry.

NXTGord said…
I've played a little with Spike and I found a small change you can make to have it react faster. The main problem is the 1 second Move command to make it back up. During this time it can't sting. If you change this duraction to Unlimited then it won't wait that 1 second.

If you make this change then you will notice another problem. Spike will oscillate if something is near the 30 inch mark - it goes a little forward and then a little back.

To fix that use a Timer. After the Move command to back up put a Timer command to reset timer 1. Then put the Move command to go forward within a Switch so that it only happens if Timer 1 > 1 second, i.e. it will only move forward if it has been at least 1 second since it started moving backwards.

I'm sure others have thought up different and better improvements.

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