Lego NXT start shipping in Europe, to MDP applicants

For those who do not know, when Lego announced its MDP development program in the February issue of Wired magazine it was overwhelmed with over 9600 applicants for the 100 places. (See the March 3rd Lego press release:

In March failed applicants were given an opportunity to pre-order NXT kits before the general pre-order started, with despatch for the UK in September. I later received an email saying that delivery was delayed until around 29th September. (I posted the email in a comment here)

So I was very surprised this morning at 8am when my post man called and asked me to sign for a big box with 2 Lego NXT kits shipped from Germany! (I was thinking to reduce my order as I had got the Eductional Kit already.)

1. Wow, its early.

2. The box looks great.

3. Stickers and Test Pad - these were not in the Educational Kit.

1. These are the North American kits - the advertised Duracell batteries are absent.

2. I hope not too many people miss their delivery, through being away on their family summer holiday.

Ttfn, Tony


Anonymous said…
On the lego shop site, for european country without regional version and then using english (like Italy), the mindstorm is "Available now" to buy.
I asked by telephone to the customer service and my preordered order will be shiped next days. ;-)
Anonymous said…

So now that you have both sets, could you formulate an opinion about them?
I'm still holding out on getting an NXT because I don't know which to get (pathetic isn't it). I plan only on getting one (at least this year), so I want to make sure to get one that will sustain me for that long. I'm torn between getting the software(TLG), or getting the converter cables, rechargeable battery, and lamps(Edu).
As someone who has both, you are obviously a prime candidate for opinion.
Indecisively yours

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