List of NXT-related sites - part I

I say Part I because I'm certain I've missed some and more will be added... so PLEASE comment if I've missed one and I'll edit the post to include... please be sure that it focuses mainly on NXT.


Anonymous said…
nxtclub is listed twice
Anonymous said…
I am brnad new to the Mindstorms world, so what you will find might be simple for most of you, but with time I will put up to date the site content and more interesting things will come up.

TheNXTStep keep being the first page I start my day with :)

PD: If anyone of you want to publish any project and do not have where to do it, send me what you have I am plenty of spece here.
Anonymous said…
Do you know if Ralph Hempel is updating his pbForth to run on the NXT ??
Brian Davis said…
Ralph is not working on updating pbForth... but I do know he's not been sitting idle, either. Stay tuned for further updates (when I have them).

Brian Davis
Greg McKaskle said…
Another Mindstorms centric page is
Anonymous said… is another one for both RCX and NXT (focus on education
Anonymous said…
Also metioned half a year back..

The Dutch Lego robotics forum with Much NXT related stuff going on..

Not as much updates as here.. But it is an NXT source for Info..

My own NXT will come in a few days.. So that will be posted all over there..

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