Lots of new NXT images

Over at flickr.com it seems a lot of people are starting to post pictures of bots and stuff... just do a search for "Mindstorms NXT"

Here are a couple of bots I saw, but I don't know what they do... so if you post, add comments if you can.

This one appears to have a rotating Ultrasonic sensor only... so it's probably an obstacle avoider...


Drew Stevenson said…
The Top one I LOVE it has the US attached to the Pivot steering Mechanism. The US could scan close to 360 (maybe 270 if you subtract the bots body) when the vehicle is stationary and when moving it would be able to always see in the direction of a turn. AWESOME! I hope they put a turn limiter into the program so the robot would check to see if the rear motors where in motion (which could also be used to aid steering) before it turns past a critical "tripping" turn value where the front wheel would be near perpendicular. That way when stopped it could scan and when in motion it would have smooth turns.
Also I think the top touch sensor could just be start stop since the NXT is so far down (to lower center of gravity?)

The tall "radar" tower in the bottom picture might be obstical avoidance but the two prong arms could well be simple forklift grabbers (object fits in their so it can be pushed). The scanning motion of the US could find the target (or not find and signal a random move to a new scanning location). When a return is registered it coud do a quick scan to see if its wall sized or target sized and then turn toward it (rotate until US gets return from a straight ahead rotation) and then drive in to push it.

Now thats what I would program them for. So if you built them, let us know what they are really for - but maybe just maybe you'll now have two programs for those bots.
Anonymous said…
I have posted a web article on how to create a radar style display. This program makes your NXT into a radar using the ultrasonic sensor! Actually it is a demo program (proof of concept) and doesn't require any motors or sensors to run. You can download it from

Ripbud said…
Those are actually my Robots. I'm a little embarrassed they found their way here :-P

The top one I didn't actually complete - but I was happy that I was able to come up with a design that supported the robot's weight.
The mounted sensor on the servo also solved the first robot's scanning problem (bottom picture) which i was happy about - in the end i didn't like how he looked and started over again. I've also started a group on flickr:


Please upload your creations! :)

The bottom robot - which is actually the first nxt bot I built (I actually rebuilt him several times trying to get a third wheel that would handle his weight). In the end he was a failure due to his inability to turn without his third wheel getting stuck - making him fall.

My new robot started off based on the tread system on JohnnyNXT 5 - but i've changed it due to my lack of ability to support the weight again... However I'm learning how these legos work and I think i'm getting better :-P

Anyway, would love to see your designs!

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