MacIntel and NXT-G: high gear?

I've heard that the Intel core Macs run NXT-G rather slowly, but somebody recently mentioned a possible fix (at least for the time being, until a universal binary comes out). Since my Mac isn't Intel-based, I'm depending on readers to test this out. It seems that the MINDSTORMS software runs very fast under Parallels, even if it's slow under Rosetta (something like a 10x speed boost). Just to have a test standard, try dropping a Sound block followed by a Motor block, and compile. On my laptop (1.67 GHz G4 w/ 1 GB RAM), it seem the compile time is about 14 seconds, with a sub 2 second download via USB. Can anyone comment on the these times on an Intel-based Mac under Rosetta and Parallels?

Brian Davis


Greg McKaskle said…
I have also seen the Windows version on an intel box running parallels, and it runs very fast, it is native after all. I don't have such a machine at my disposal, but I would think that USB would work, but I think I hear that BT comm doesn't.
Anonymous said…
I have been running LabView under Parallels for weeks and can say it's much faster that LabView running under Rosetta. I STILL can't figure out how to run Bluetooth under EITHER environment.

I wish the UniBin version of LabView would ship soon. USB is SO 2005.
Anonymous said…
Well, this is interesting:

...while the Intel Mac version of LabVIEW is being released as a pioneer release so customers who are early adopters of Mac/Intel machines can try out their applications. National Instruments has not extensively tested the Intel version. However, it has passed most validation tests.

Not all *that* encouraging for a speedy UB NXT-G release, is it!

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