More activity at RIF

The Robotics Investigation Force have some new content, and their blog seems pretty busy too.

Ttfn, Tony (helping to keep the posts appearing, whilst Jim is away!)


Anonymous said…
It's kinda cool. But you have to wait a little while for the red window to appear in the logo. Click it when it appears and you can see the new stuff.

Anonymous said…
Doesn't work for me under Firefox (I get the old "coming Aug 30" message, even after restarting FF). However, the new stuff appears in IE.
Tony Naggs said…
I found the pages in Firefox. Make Firefox re-fetch the pages, for Windows hold th Ctrl key down whilst clicking the Reload icon.

Anonymous said…

We apologise for "freaking" you out. We visit a lot of different NXT sites, including the LEGO forums. You mentioned in a post that you were "waiting," thus your name was added to the list.

This is a good thing.

Agent 13
Anonymous said…
Agent 13

I see. I notice that several others are waiting as well: Jim Kelly, Robostormer (whom I know as RCX-Inventor) and others. Where they to "discovered"?
You have been contacted at your blog, respond there.

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